Install SCCM 1810 Rollup Update 2 – KB4488598

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to install SCCM 1810 rollup update 2 released by Microsoft. Microsoft released rollup update 2 on 25th March 2019. Yes, I know we are all waiting to hear about SCCM 1902 release.

Where is SCCM 1902 Production Release?

I don’t know that it is an honest answer. But, I predicted it to be available on 27th March via an updated post here. I’m not very sure how much time more I can hold on with the above prediction.

The best option is to look for Djam’s tweeter feeds to know more about SCCM 1902 release dates.

Install SCCM 1810 Rollup Update – KB 4488598

The installation of SCCM rollup update for 1810 is a straight forward process as you can see in the above video. The SCCM 1810 Rollup Update 2 will be available in your SCCM console if you have an online service connection point.

You can follow the steps shows in the video to install KB 4488598 to install SCCM 1810 Rollup Update 2. SCCM updates always follow the top-down approach. So, you need to initiate the installation on CAS or Standalone Primary server.

Restart Requirement for SCCM 1810 Rollup Update

I tested this in the lab environment, and it didn’t ask me to restart the primary server. The same information is provided in the Microsoft KB article here(KB 4488598).

Availability of SCCM 1810 Rollup Update?

I think the rollup update 2 for SCCM 1810 should be available for all the ONLINE SCCM 1810 environments. But, in the KB article, Microsoft mentioned that the update would be available only for the following SCCM 1810 Package GUID environment.

Note! – My LAB environment’s update package was not there in the below GUID list even though my LAB environment received the rollup update 2.

SCCM 1810 Rollup Update 2 – Console, Client, Site Version Details

Yes, after installing the update on your primary/CAS server, you will have to update the console and client versions as well.

  • SCCM 1810 Client Version (after rollup Update 2) = 5.00.8740.1042
  • SCCM 1810 Full Version (after rollup Update 2) = 5.00.8740.1042
  • SCCM 1810 Console Version (after rollup Update 2) = 5.1810.1075.2600

List of Fixes Included in SCCM Rollup Update 2

I have a list of SCCM 1810 known issues in a different post. I have also listed download the fixes included in SCCM 1810.

I would recommend reading the following post –


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  1. Anoop,

    I have an disconnected SCCM 1810 site that I have upgraded via the service connection tool from 1702 to 1802 then 1810.

    PROBLEM: the svc connection tool is not downloading anything beyond 1810, that is no 1810 Rollups or 1902.

    I’ve tried many times with the same results.

    My connected site is at 1810 Rollup 2 with not problems.

    Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.


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