Download SCCM Community Script & Reports from SCCM Console

The Community Hub is a centralized location for sharing useful SCCM objects with others. The new SCCM new Community workspace is available in SCCM 1902 preview versions. In this video post, you can download community scripts reports from SCCM Console.

From the SCCM community workspace, you can download community scripts and reports from this workspace?

Are you wondering what SCCM console workspace is? Here is the video walkthrough of SCCM console?

Download Community Scripts Reports from SCCM Console

In the SCCM console, and select the Hub node. To see more details about an available item, click it in the hub. — More information in the video tutorial.

From the details pane of SCCM console, click Download to acquire the item. When you download an item from the hub, it’s automatically added to your SCCM site.

Use the Community – Hub to download the following types of SCCM objects:

  • Scripts
  • Reports
  • Configuration items

You can download community Scripts Reports from SCCM console. You can see more details in the video tutorial.

There is one more node in the SCCM community workspace called Documentation.

Documentation: Displays the SCCM documentation library

Changes in SCCM Community Hub

NOTE! – Community workspace is continuous changes in the preview versions. In the earlier version of SCCM 1812 preview, the Community Hub added with the support for reports. When you download a report from the hub, SCCM installs it to the reporting point. You’ll see downloaded reports from the community in a new Hub folder under reports.

Where are Downloaded SCCM Scripts in SCCM Console?

As I mentioned in the above section, you can download scripts from SCCM console Community workspace – Hub.

  • Go to – \Software Library\Overview\Scripts from SCCM console
  • Check out whether the downloaded scripts node underneath Software Library are available in the Scripts node


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