SCCM 2309 Infra Upgrade Important things to remember

Let’s look into the details of the SCCM 2309 Infra Upgrade and important things to remember before starting the upgrade in this post. Microsoft released the second version of SCCM in the year 2023.

There are only 2 versions of SCCM releases per year. Recently, Microsoft changed the release timing of the SCCM version to 2 Versions per Year. The release months are March and September. SCCM Technical Preview version cadence will also change from 12 releases to 4 per year.

SCCM 2309 is available as an opt-in version for Oct 2023 month. So, you need to enable the opt-in option using the PowerShell script, as discussed in the Download SCCM 2309 Early Ring Version post.

Starting with the 2309 release of SCCM, it’s crucial to have the ODBC driver for SQL Server 18.1.0 or later installed as a prerequisite. More details on the SCCM 2309 infra upgrade are given below.

SCCM 2309 Infra Upgrade Checklist

Before proceeding with the SCCM 2309 infra upgrade process, let’s check the following details. Following are some of the mandatory readings before upgrading SCCM infra to 2309.

SCCM 2309 Infra Upgrade Important things to remember Fig.1
SCCM 2309 Infra Upgrade Important things to remember Fig.1
  • Evaluate SQL Requirements for SCCM 2309 Upgrade – here
  • Evaluate Windows Server OS Requirements for ConfigMgr 2309 site server – here
  • Evaluate Supported OS versions for clients and devices – here
  • Evaluate Supported OS versions for ConfigMgr consoles – here
  • Evaluate Recommended hardware – here
  • Support for Windows features and networks – here
  • Evaluate Support for virtualization environments – here
  • Evaluate the Firewall Rules – More details here and here

SCCM 2309 – Extended Set of Checklists

These are other SCCM specific checklists that you need to validate and confirm before the SCCM infra upgrade.

  • All sites run a supported version of Configuration Manager
  • Review the status of your product licensing
  • Review Microsoft .NET versions
  • Review the version of the Windows ADK for Windows 10
  • Review SQL Server Native Client version
  • Review file and data replication between sites
    • Database replication
    • File-based replication
  • Install all applicable critical Windows updates
  • Disable database replicas for management points at primary sites
  • Set SQL Server AlwaysOn availability groups to manual failover
  • Disable site maintenance tasks at each site
  • Temporarily stop any antivirus software
  • Back up customized files
  • Plan for client piloting
  • Plan to use service windows
  • Review supported console extensions
  • Run the setup prerequisite checker (I recommend running the prerequisite check 1 week before the production upgrade)
  • Update sites
SCCM 2309 Infra Upgrade Important things to remember Fig.2
SCCM 2309 Infra Upgrade Important things to remember Fig.2

Offline Scenario – SCCM Server 2309 Upgrade

Use the service connection tool to download the update when your service connection point is offline. More details about the process are explained in the post SCCM Upgrade with an Offline Service Connection Point| ConfigMgr.


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