How to Setup Smart Package Studio Lab Environment

This video tutorial is to help you to setup Smart package studio lab environment. Application packaging team works closely with the SCCM team in many organizations. But, I have seen much love for application packaging team. Let’s empower the application packaging team with smart package studio.

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Modern Packaging Tools

Microsoft MSIX is the future of Windows application installation technology. Another fact is that Microsoft office is still using a different installation technology Checkout my previous blog post to learn how to convert MSI to MSIX in the following post here.

Smart package studio is one of the modern packaging tools which uses AI and Machine Learning algorithms to help application packaging team. More details about How to Setup Smart Package Studio.

Join Application Packaging Community

Smart package studio community is made for helping application packaging community. This community will help to up-skill the application packaging skills. Following are some of the posts which will help you to up-skill.

Quick Steps to Setup Smart Package Studio Lab Environment

I have already explained all the steps in the above video tutorial. I would recommend going through the details as per the video. Also, try to download the dependent apps from the following list to get ready for LAB setup.


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