Out of Band SCCM Hotfix Installation Guide | MECM

Let’s check the above video how to install Out of Band SCCM Hotfix. Let’s understand what is SCCM| ConfigMgr update registration tool.

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SCCM out of band hotfix updates for SCCM are not available from the Microsoft cloud service. One example of out of band hotfix of SCCM 1910 version is KB 4538166. You need to get these type of updates by manually downloading it.

NOTE! – An out-of-band release hotfix file name ends with the extension update.exe. The example is “CM1910-KB4538166.ConfigMgr.Update.exe.”

Update Registration Tool

You use a tool called the “update registration tool” to manually import the update to the ConfigMgr console. This tool enables you to extract and transfer the update package to the stand alone primary or CAS site server, and register the update with the SCCM console.

NOTE! – When update has a file name that ends with the extension .exe (NOT update.exe), then you need to use you use the hotfix installer that is included with that hotfix download to install the update directly to the SCCM site server.

 SCCM | CofnigMgr Update Registration Tool  Out of Band SCCM Hotfix
SCCM | ConfigMgr Update Registration Tool (Out of Band SCCM Hotfix)


You need to make sure the tool’s (SCCM | ConfigMgr Update Registration Tool) prerequisites.

  • Service connection point can be ONLINE or OFFLINE
  • Run Update Registration Tool from the server where the service connection point role is installed
  • The computer where the tool runs (the service connection point computer) must have the .NET Framework 4.52 installed
  • The account you use to run the tool must have local administrator permissions
  • Your account must have write permissions to the following folder on the computer that hosts the service connection point: \EasySetupPayload\offline


I have already explained the installation process which you shall follow to install out of band SCCM hotfix.


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