How to Reinstall Distribution Point Role|ConfigMgr

In this blog post, You are going to see the videos to remove distribution point and install it. So basically this process is called re-installation of SCCM distribution point role (Reinstall Distribution Point Role).

Impacts – Reinstall Distribution Point

You need to make sure that you are aware of all the impacts before you remove the distribution point from your SCCM|ConfigMgr infrastructure.

Basically distribution points provide source files to clients. If you don’t have a distribution point and if you are not using any peer to peer caching mechanism, probably your client will go over van connection and download the source files of your applications from the remote distribution point.

The above scenario could cause many network related issues if you have bandwidth concerns or if you are on a low bandwidth connected remote office.

Before removing the ConfigMgr distribution point , you need to make sure that you are NOT going to cause bandwidth or network issues for your businesses.

You can stop all the deployments or you should not deploy any new applications or policies (policies are fine) to those remote office clients to eliminate the network impacts.

NOTE! – While removing the distribution point all the packages distributed do that DP will get removed or the source files in the DP will get deleted. So make sure to DP group, otherwise you need to distribute all the packages manually or using some automation after reinstalling the distribution point.   

You can reduce the impact of re-installation of SCCM DP by making an other distribution points available in the same remote office or not.

Reinstall Distribution Point SCCM ConfigMgr
Reinstall Distribution Point

Removal of SCCM DP

Once you are able to confirm you are fine with all these impacts, you can proceed with the following actions.

The removal of distribution point is straightforward process. You can refer to the video above to get more details on the removal process. You can complete re installation “Reinstall Distribution Point” process using this guide.

My recommendation would be to validate the removal of distribution points (DP) from the log files. Also, you can validate all the other components like IIS. This process will help you to have a clean reinstall or removal of distribution point.

More details – Learn How to Remove Distribution Point Role|SCCM|ConfigMgr.

Reinstall ConfigMgr Distribution Point Role

Once you are OK with the removal of distribution point, you can give a restart it’s not mandatory to restart the server but you can restart the server before installing the distribution point again (or re-installing the DP).

Now you can install the distribution point (Reinstall Distribution Point) from SCCM console.

How to do that that is explained in the video above. After the installation, there are two default packages which will automatically get distributed to the newly installed DP. From the log files as you can see in the below post and in the above video you can verify DP is working fine.

More details – Learn How to Install a New Distribution Point Role|SCCM|ConfigMgr



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