SCCM Console Debugger – Show SCCM Object Details Option

SCCM console has many hidden debugging options. In the SCCM Console Debugger video tutorial post, you will see and learn more details about debugging options.

SCCM Console WMI Classes

Before going into SCCM console debug options and show object details option, you can learn more about SCCM WMI Classes related to Console and provider.

NOTE! – SCCM Console Debugger option called “Show Object Details” shall help to get the following WMI class details from SCCM console itself. More information about the right click option called Show Object Details in the video guide here.

  • The SMS_InstanceChangeNotification WMI class that notifies the SCCM admin console that an alert has changed its status.
  • The SMS_ObjectContainerItem contains information about an SCCM console folder item (Object details inside a particular folder in SCCM console etc…).
  • The SMS_ObjectContainerNode contains information for a given SCCM Console folder (folder details Folder Name etc..).
  • The SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo & SMS_ObjectContentInfo contains the details about Application or Package Content Information and some extra information.

NOTE! – I don’t find the much difference between SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo & SMS_ObjectContentInfo WMI classes.

  • The SMS_RoleInObjectType object helps to map a role and its associated object types.
  • The SMS_SearchFolder WMI class behaves the same as SMS_ObjectContainerNode is only used for search operations.

SCCM Console Connectivity

The following diagram will give you more details about SCCM architecture. Also, this diagram will provide the Details about SCCM Console -> SMS Provider – WMI – SCCM Site connectivity.

NOTE! – You can find more details about SCCM Console Connectivity and SCCM architecture details from here. More detailed SCCM architecture decision-making tips are available here.

SCCM Console Connection - SCCM Console Debugger
SCCM Console Connection – SCCM Console Debugger

How to Enable SCCM Console Debugger?

There is a hidden workspace called TOOLS in SCCM console, and that is referred SCCM Console Debugger in this post.

You can enable SCCM Tools workspace (SCCM Console Debugger) from the SCCM console shortcut file. The steps mentioned in the following link shall help you to allow the hidden Tools workspace visible in the console.

The following Step by Step Guide to Enable “Show Object Details” right-click option on all SCCM console objects >>>>


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