SCCM 1905 Awesomeness with Features

Microsoft released the latest version of SCCM 1905 technical preview version with a massive list of new features. As per Microsoft resources, this SCCM TP version is one of the top feature-rich releases.

SCCM 1906 Production version might have most of these below-listed features. If that is going to be accurate, then SCCM 1906 production release would be a real feast for SCCM customers.

SCCM 1905 – Full Version 5.00.8827.1000
SCCM 1905 – Client Version 5.00.8827.1000

SCCM 1905 List of Features

The Following list is the publicly available feature list from Microsoft team. I’m sure there are loads of improvements happened to SCCM product.

NumbersFeaturesSCCM Doc
1Improved control over WSUS MaintenanceLink
2Improvements to Configuration Manager consoleLink
3Configure the default maximum run time for software updatesLink
4Windows Defender Application Guard file trust criteriaLink
5Application groupsLink
6Task sequence as an app model deployment typeLink
7BitLocker managementLink
8Task sequence debuggerLink
9Delivery Optimization in client data sources dashboardLink
10Improvements to Community HubLink
11View SMBIOS GUID in device listsLink
12OneTrace log viewerLink
13Software Center infrastructure improvementsLink
14Improvements to Software Center tab customizationsLink
15Improvements to app approvalsLink
16Retry the install of pre-approved applicationsLink
17Install applications for a deviceLink
18More frequent countdown notifications for restartsLink
19Synchronize collection membership results to Azure Active Directory groupsLink
20Configure client cache minimum retention periodLink
21Improvements to OS deploymentLink
22Add a SQL AlwaysOn nodeLink

BitLocker Management Policy Sample

Following is the BitLocker Wizard information from SCCM 1905 preview build. More details available about SCCM BitLocker management in the following link.

General Information
• Name: Bitlocker Management Policy Test from SCCM
• Description:
• Component Configuration: Client Management Component not configured
• Component Configuration: Operating System Drive Component not configured
Setup Information
• Choose a drive encryption and cipher strength: Enabled
• Select the encryption method: AES 128-bit (default)
• Choose a drive encryption and cipher strength: Enabled
• Operating System Drives: XTS-AES 128-bit
• Fixed Data Drives: XTS-AES 128-bit
• Removable Data Drives: AES-CBC 128-bit


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