Setup SCCM Third-Party Patching Video Experience

In this video tutorial, you will see how to Setup SCCM Third-Party patching for an infrastructure. I have step by step blog post which explains the third-party patching setup in details. I would recommend reading that post to get detailed information on SCCM third-party software update setup.

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Setup SCCM Third-Party Patching

Third-party software updates allow you to subscribe to partner catalogs in the SCCM console and publish the updates to WSUS. You can then deploy these updates using the existing software update management process.

The following points are explained in the SCCM third-party updates setup video. The SCCM third-party patching feature is enabled only for SCCM 1806 or later.

  1. Prerequisites SCCM Third-Party Patching Setup
  2. Setup SCCM Third-Party Updates
  3. Enable Third-Party Software Updates
  4. Add Custom Catalog – Third-Party Software Updates Setup
  5. What is the difference between partner catalog and custom catalog
  6. How to Subscribe to a custom catalog
  7. How to Subscribe to a partner catalog
  8. How to Publish Third-Party software Update content
  9. How to use Third-party update certificates
  10. How to Troubleshoot Third-Party Software Updates Setup
  11. Learn to check Third-Party Software Updates Setup
  12. More and more details … in this video.

FAQ – Third-Party Patching Setup

I have conducted two hours on Facebook (1700 views) and YouTube Live online session on third-party patching with SCCM 1806 or later versions.

I have had many questions, and answers on the Facebook and YouTube live session. I would recommend checking those comments in SCCM Third-Party Patching Facebook Video post.


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