Create Office 365 ProPlus Client Package

I have create this video a year back and there are many changes in the recent months. SCCM client installation wizard has integrated with Office Customization Tool. Office 365 ProPlus Client Package creation made easy in the latest version of SCCM. You need to remember that an internet connection is required to complete the Office 365 ProPlus client package creation wizard.

The office 365 ProPlus client package creation wizard includes an online Office Customization Tool. This tool needs an internet connection as this office customization tool is launched is web-based tool.

If you are looking for solution to update Office 365 ProPlus client with latest patches, then following post shall help you. I have another post which explain about “How to Deploy and Install Office 365 Software Updates (patches) with SCCM ADR“.

Launch Office 365 ProPlus Client Package Creation wizard

 Office 365 ProPlus client package
  • Launch SCCM console from a internet connected machine
  • Navigate to \SoftwareLibrary\Overview\Office 365 Client Management dashboard
  • Click on the + Office 365 Installer from the Office 365 Client Management Dashboard
  • Give the NAME of Office 365 Client Package
  • Browse to a location mostly on the file server or SCCM server package source folder.
  • Click on Next button
  • Click Office Customization tool to customize and import your xml file to SCCM application configuraion engine. Select Office 365 ProPlus Client Package from the menu options. This part is not covered in the above video tutorial.
  • Wait for the Office 365 client Package creation wizard to finish. This wizard will download the source files from the internet and save it to package source folder.
  •  Finish to close the wizard

When Microsoft publishes a new Office 365 proplus client update to the Office Content Delivery Network (CDN), Microsoft simultaneously publishes an update package to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). Then, SCCM synchronizes the Office 365 ProPlus client update from the WSUS catalog to the site server. SCCM can then download the update and distribute it to distribution points selected by the administrator.


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