SCCM Patch Management Process with WSUS and SUP

I have recorded this video more than a year back and I don’t have audio explanation in this video. But this video covers end to end Software update or SCCM Patching Process for IT Admins. If you are new to SCCM and wanted to understand the SCCM patch management Process, then this video is your starting point.

Unlike other deployment types, software updates are all downloaded to the client cache. This is regardless of the maximum cache size setting on the client.

High-Level Process of SCCM Patch Management

  • Install WSUS
  • Install SUP & verify Installation log files
  • Software Update Component Configuration – Classifications/Products
  • Software Update Sync – Log file WsyncMgr.log
  • Selection of Patch/Software Update and Creation of Software Update Group
  • Deployment of Software Update Group
  • Client Side Experience Windows 10 device
  • What happened to WindowsUpdate.log? Event Logs ?
  • How to Speed up SCCM policy SCCM Patch Management Process?
  • Windows 10 SCCM Client side logs – Reboot required ? If yes reboot the Windows 10
  • Check the Default compliance reports to confirm the SCCM Patch management compliance percentage of your environment.

Software updates in SCCM provides a set of tools and resources that can help manage the complex task of tracking and applying patches to Windows client computers. An effective software update management process is necessary to maintain operational efficiency, overcome security issues, and maintain the stability of the network infrastructure. However, because of the changing nature of technology and the continual appearance of new security threats, effective software update management requires consistent and continual attention.

SCCM Patch Management

The SCCM Patch Management process is known as Software Updates in SCCM. In this Video, we will see, the components needed for SCCM software update, how to get SCCM synced Microsoft update for Patching, How to select and download a list of patches, How to deploy patches, How to troubleshoot on patching issues, Patching experience at client side, SCCM log files related to patching.


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