SCCM List of Full Features Vs Pre-Release Features | 2002

Let’s see list of SCCM pre-release features vs full features after the release of the SCCM 2002 release. Excited to see many features are fully developed now and out of the PREVIEW tag with the 2002 version of ConfigMgr.

Why Pre-Release Tag for Some SCCM Features

As per Microsoft documentation, the Pre-release features are that are currently for early “testing” in a production environment. However, you can use these features in a production environment and are fully supported.

But then why it’s still called Preview features or Pre-Released Features?

Because those features are still in active development. They might receive changes until they move out of the pre-release category.

Full Features Vs Pre-Release Features
Full Features Vs Pre-Release Features

List of Full Features of SCCM 2002

Let’s check out the list of fully supported or fully developed features of SCCM 2002.

FeatureAdded as pre-releaseAdded as a Full Feature
Azure Active Directory user group discovery from SCCMVersion 1906Version 2002
Synchronize collection membership results to Azure ADVersion 1906Version 2002
CMPivot standaloneVersion 1906Version 2002
SMS Provider administration serviceVersion 1810Version 1906
Enhanced HTTP site systemVersion 1806Version 1810
Client apps for co-managed devices
(previously known as Mobile apps for co-managed devices)
Version 1806Version 2002
Package conversion managerVersion 1806Version 1810
Phased deploymentsVersion 1802Version 1806
Windows Defender Application Control managementVersion 1702Version 1906
List of FULL Features Vs Pre-Released Features

List of Preview Pre-Release Features

The follow is the list of pre-release features of SCCM 2002 (updated on April 2nd 2020).

FeatureAdded as Pre-ReleaseAdded as a Full Feature
Orchestration groupsVersion 2002Not yet
Task sequence deployment typeVersion 2002Not yet
Remove the central administration siteVersion 2002Not yet
Task sequence debuggerVersion 1906Not yet
Application groupsVersion 1906Not yet
Servicing a cluster-aware collection (Server groups)Version 1602Not yet
Pre-Release Features of SCCM ConfigMgr Current Branch


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