SCCM Upgrade Task Sequence Template

SCCM offers Windows 10 upgrade Task Sequence. Before starting about creating the Windows 10 upgrade task sequence. Let’s complete the prerequisite. The prerequisite is to create Windows 10 operating system upgrade package. SCCM Upgrade Task Sequence to upgrade template can be used to upgrade Windows 10 to the latest version.

SCCM Upgrade Task Sequence template is available out of box in the latest version of SCCM. Open SCCM CB console and navigate via  Software Library workspace, right-click the Operating System Upgrade Packages node, then select Add Operating System Upgrade Package.

Browse to the data source for the operating system upgrade package. Specify the operating system upgrade package. Provide the Windows 10 Enterprise x86 or x64 binary network share location. Select the Architecture of the Windows 10 and the base language.

On the next page, enter the name of the Windows 10 upgrade package. And that is it you are done.

Open SCCM console and navigate via Software Library workspace – right-click the Task Sequences node, and then select Create Task Sequence. On the Create a new task sequence page, select Upgrade an operating system from upgrade package and then click Next.

Enter the name of the Task sequence – Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade. Upgrade the Windows operating system page of the wizard you need to select the Windows 10 upgrade package which we created as a first step. The wizard will list down all the available Windows 10 editions as part of Windows 10 upgrade package.

SCCM Upgrade Task Sequence

Windows Upgrade using SCCM Upgrade Task Sequence

Use task sequences in SCCM to automatically upgrade an OS on a destination computer. This upgrade can be from Windows 7 or later to Windows 10, or from Windows Server 2012 or later to Windows Server 2016. Create a task sequence that references the OS upgrade package and any other content to install, such as applications or software updates.


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