SCCM Restore Recovery Guide

I recorded this video few years back. It was one of the first video where I started explaining things while I was showing the steps. SCCM restore process is changed with the release of SCCM CB. Now you have several options to recover SCCM primary server and CAS.

This video is part of the collection of Video tutorials which I made previously. This video tutorial will help to understand the process and that will in tern help to troubleshoot on SCCM CB restore or recovery issues in better way.

What is SCCM CD.Latest Folder

CD.Latest folder is important for SCCM restore or recovery of a standalone primary server. If you do not have the correct CD.Latest folder and its contents available, you cannot recover a site and it must be reinstalled.

The SCCM Installation should be done from CD.Latest folder in a scenario where your SCCM version is not a baseline version. The CD.Latest folder contains a folder named Redist which contains the redistributable files that setup downloads and uses. These files are matched to the version of Configuration Manager files found in that CD.Latest folder. When you run Setup from a CD.Latest folder, you must use files that are matched to that version of Setup. To do so you can either direct Setup to download new and current files from Microsoft, or direct Setup to use the files from the Redist folder included in the CD.Latest folder. This folder backup is important for a successful SCCM restore and recovery scenario.

Prerequisite of SCCM Restore

Hostname of the server Should be same Drive Letters should be same as the previous SCCM primary server Installation Path should be same as the previous Primary server Should have same OS patch level for the server Better to have the same IP to avoid opening up new Firewall ports All the prerequisite apps should be installed (ADK, WSUS etc..) SQL Databased is already restored (manually) – if you are using SQL DB based backup

SCCM Restore and Recover scenarios are explained in the video tutotial.
SCCM Restore – Recover Scenarios


I have some previous posts which explains about the entire SCCM restore and recovery processes in details. I would recommend reading those to get more details.

More details about the importance of SCCM CD.Latest folder is explained in the following Microsoft documentation.

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  1. I’m planning to replace our existing ConfigMgr server (hosts all roles), with a VM on latest OS and SQL. I have our existing ConfigMgr on lastest CB. I have five remote DPs, but everything else runs on same server. Is your restore the best for my setup?


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