SCCM Community Hub How to Join Contribute Using Your GitHub Account

In this video post, Let’s learn how to join SCCM community hub using your GitHub account if you don’t have a git up an account you can create it for free. Let’s learn what Contribute Item Wizard is.

NOTE! – This post is based on SCCM 1906 Technical Preview version

This post you will get more details about it’s the SCCM community hub, and you can refer to my previous post to get much more detailed information about downloading the reports and scripts from SCCM community hub.

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Why to Join SCCM Community Hub?

The SCCM Community hub is the place from where you can download script, reports, etc. To download scripts/reports which are available in the community hub, you don’t require to join it’s the same community hub with your GitHub account.

However, if you want to contribute to the SCCM community hub, then you need to join using the process which I explained in the able video and the following steps.

How to Join SCCM community Hub?

Let’s see what the steps you need to follow to join the SCCM community hub are?

Join the Community Hub - Join SCCM community Hub. Contribute Item Wizard.
Join the Community Hub – Join SCCM community Hub
  • To join the community hub, you need to have a GitHub account. This is the link to create the GitHub, and that is free
  • The second step is to go to SM console navigate through Community workspace
  • From the community workspace, you can click on sign in button on the right-hand side of the console
  • On the next screen, it will ask for the GitHub username and password. Enter your GitHub username and password.
  • Click on sign in button
  • Click on authenticate cloud management button
  • No, the console will present a screen which will give you an option to join the SCCM community hub. So, click on the Join button to get access to the community hub.
  • Once you press join button will initiate a mail to Microsoft and at the moment for the preview version Microsoft is approving the join requests every 24 hours.
  • On the next screen, you will see a notification which says Membership request received – Your hub membership request is pending once approved, you will receive an email invitation do you are associated GitHub account accept the invitation to begin contributing to the hub.
  • Once your request is approved, you will get a new page in the console with heading Welcome to the hub, and you will also be able to see add an item option in that new page.

How to start Contributing to SCCM Community Hub?

Let’s see how to add an item to the SCCM community hub. Follow the below steps to add an ITEM like applications, scripts, or reports to a community hub.

SCCM Contributing to SCCM Community Hub Contribute Item Wizard
SCCM Contributing to SCCM Community Hub
  • Click on Add an Item button from MY Hub tab from Community workspace
  • Contributes item wizard will pop up
  • From Specify settings for an object to share page, you need to select one of the options from the drop-down list Configuration Item, Report, Script, Task Sequence or Application
  • Once you choose the type of item which you want to contribute, then you need to click on the browse button to select the object from SCCM console  
  • Under the description, you can provide the details of the object which you are going to contribute
  • Click on next button
  • The progress page of contributes item wizard will give you the status of the upload
  • On the completion page of contributes item wizard, you will get the output of the SCCM Community contribution action.

KNOWN Issue?

NOTE! – In my is SCCM technical preview lab the uploading of the contribution didn’t work. I tried several times, and it was giving me an error. Ah, something went wrong, and you were unable to contribute to the hub error number 404 not found. Typescript name gets toys version.


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