How to Install SCCM 2007

Let’s see how to install SCCM 2007 for the last time. 9th July 2019 is the day when SCCM 2007 is going out of support/end of life forever.

I have created a video to show the experience of SCCM 2007 primary site installation (hypothetically). More details about SCCM 2007 risks and migration strategies are available here in my previous post.

How to Decommission SCCM 2007

Yeah if you still have SCCM 2007 installed in your environment, try to migrate it to the latest SCCM CB environment. Following are tasks for Decommissioning Sites and Hierarchies of SCCM 2007. Or you can just shutdown the SCCM 2007 VMs and delete them.

What is SCCM ITMU?

Well, ITMU is the patching mechanism used in SCCM 2007. Later, SCCM started using software updates with WSUS integration.

SCCM 2007 Icons?

More details about SCCM icons are available here.

SCCM 2007 install
SCCM 2007


Latest SCCM CB Version Video Documentation

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