Microsoft Ignite 2019 Overview from SCCM Intune Admin Perspective

In this video post you’re going to see an overview of Microsoft Ignite 2019 which was on last week. This video post is Microsoft ignite 2019 overview from SCCM and Intune admin perspective. This post is very high-level overview.


As an SCCM and into an admin my main focus area is obviously Microsoft endpoint manager in this video (SCCM Intune Admin Perspective).

If you want to have more deep level details of each subject, then I have 14 posts (more coming) which explain each topic in bit more details.

  • What are the changes in SCCM an Intune licensing model?
  • What are the changes in cloud attached strategies?
  • What are the changes in Intune reporting strategies?
  • What are the changes in SCCM Cloud Console strategies?
  • What are the changes in SCCM task sequence and Windows Autopilot?
  • What are the expectation about Microsoft endpoint manager?
  • What does Microsoft intelligent edge? (Which I don’t know)?

Ignite Coverage Posts

Ignite 2019 Takeaways from an SCCM and Intune Admin Perspective – Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) – Microsoft Configuration Manger (MEMCM) & Microsoft Intune (MEMMI).

✔Microsoft Intune (MEMMI)
✔Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM)
✔Microsoft Configuration Manger (MEMCM)
✔Microsoft Endpoint Manager Administration Console (MEMAC)

SCCM Intune Admin Perspective
SCCM Intune Admin Perspective

▶Microsoft Endpoint Management SCCM Intune Windows Updates –
▶Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the future of SCCM Intune MEMMI MEMCM –
▶iOS Android macOS Mobile Enrollment Options with Intune –
▶Basics of Windows Dynamic Update Explained Update Management –
▶WVD End User Experience Availability Updates –
▶MSIX Updates from Ignite Reliability Network Disk-space –
▶Microsoft Learning Certification Exams Updates –
▶On-Prem WVD Options Azure Quantum Qualys Scan Integration –
▶Intune Reporting Strategies Advanced Reporting –
▶Intune Endpoint Security Policies Enhancements –
▶Intune Policy Sets Collection of Workflows –
▶Windows Autopilot Updates Timelines –
▶Microsoft Connected Cache Container Instances in Azure via Intune –
▶SCCM and Microsoft Connected Cache Integration –
▶Windows 10 Bandwidth Management DO Delivery Optimization with LEDBAT in LAN –

Resources (SCCM Intune Admin Perspective)

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