Intune Line Of Business Application Google Chrome Deployment

Let’s learn how to download and update Google Chrome using Microsoft Intune. I have explained the steps in the above video (Google Chrome Deployment).

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Introduction Google Chrome Deployment

Recently Google published a post about the latest vulnerabilities of Google Chrome. And they highlighted this as Zero- day Patch. 0-day patches are highly critical, and you need to update the browsers as soon as possible.

Let’s download the Patch or the latest version of Google MSI from Google server and follow the steps mentioned in the above video to deploy Chrome update to Windows 10 devices.

Create Intune Line of Business Application (LOB)

To create Intune line of business (LOB) application, you need to log into device management portal. Once you login to device management portal you can go to windows application and start creating Intune LOB application.

The creation of application is straightforward as I have shown in the video (Google Chrome Deployment options). I don’t think you have to worry about the application version shown Intune console. I don’t know how it is getting that MSI version details when we select the Google Chrome MSI.

Thoughts – If you check the MSI version of the properties of that MSI file and compare that with the version which shows in Intune portal, you will get confused. So, don’t worry about that at the moment. There could be some bug in Intune.

Upload Intune Line of Business Application

Once you save the Google Chrome application, Intune will start uploading the MSI 2 Microsoft cloud. This process it’s going to take same depending on your Internet speed and the size of the MSI.  

You can see the starters of the upload in intunes console itself.  You can see the percentage of upload do Intune in device management portal itself as you can see in the video (Google Chrome Deployment scenarios).

Thoughts – This % of upload notification is very useful instead of some gas works which we used to do in previous versions of Intune.

Deploy Intune Line of Business Application

Deployement is called assignment in Intune. I have explained How do assign an application like Google Chrome the 2 Azure Active Directory device group. There are different types of assignment types in Intune.

Similar to SCCM, required and available are 2 prominent options. Apart from these 2, you will have other option which is called available for all enrolled devices. This option will make the application available for all MDM enrolled devices.

Thoughts – If you select available for all enrolled devices, you are in turn removing the dependency of Azure AD assignments. I think this will help to improve the performance of Microsoft Intune in some way.

This will also help to reduce the workload for Azure Active Directory to analyze different groups different logics for dynamic groups etc similar to dynamic collections in SCM world.  I have used required option in this Chrome application deployement or assignment.


The Chrome update got installed on Windows 10 device as you can see below.

Google Chrome Deployment Windows 10
Google Chrome Deployment


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