How to Publish RDS Remote Apps with PowerShell Commands

Video tutorial to help publish RDS Remote Apps (RDS Remote Apps) with PowerShell commands. WVD Powershell module can be downloaded and installed from the PowerShell Gallery.

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Download the WVD PowerShell Module

You have to download Windows Virtual Desktop module using following commands or you can download it from PowerShell Gallery.

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.RDInfra.RDPowerShell 
Import-Module -Name Microsoft.RDInfra.RDPowerShell

Create New WVD RemoteApp Group

Here is the PowerShell command to create a new remote app group. The New-RdsAppGroup cmdlet creates a new app group within the specified host pool.

More details –

New-RdsRemoteApp (RDS Remote Apps)

Adds a WVD Remote App program to a WVD Remote App app group. This helps to publish of the remote application installed in a VM which is part of WVD host pool.

This command will fail if you try to publish a Remote App to a desktop app group.

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WVD RDS Remote Apps
RDS Remote Apps


The following PowerShell command called Get-RdsAppGroupUser cmdlet lists the users to a WVD RemoteApp group. This action shall give access to the specified app group.

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