How to Convert MSI Packages to MSIX Using SCCM

Have you heard about SCCM MSIX conversion wizard? This MSIX conversion wizard gives you an option to convert existing application to MSIX packages. In this video post, you will see MSIX package conversion process.  The process which I explained in the above video is to Convert MSI Packages to MSIX.

Find Out the List of MSI Packages?

First phase of convert MSI packages to MSIX is the inventory of MSI packages which should be converted to MSIX. Also, you need to make sure whether you would be able to convert all the packages to MSIX.

I do agree that all your MSI packages can’t be converted to MSIX packages without any manual efforts or coding. But, this is the stage where you should get a sponsor to analyze and test the existing MSI packages to understand compatibility.

This compatibility check to convert MSI packages to MSIX is important for your organization. This analysis will help to understand the efforts to convert MSI packages to MSIX.

How to Convert MSI Packages to MSIX

SCCM 1810 or above will help you to convert MSI packages to MSIX.  SCCM uses the MSIX conversion tool in the background to install MSI package on reference computer and capture the changes in the system to make MSIX package.

The following prerequisites should be in place to convert MSI packages to MSIX and test those MSIX packages.

  1. Purchase public cert – code signing certificate or Internal PKI cert or self signing cert
  2. SCCM 1810 Infrastructure
  3. Windows 10 1809
  4. SCCM 1810 or later installed on Windows 1809 or later
  5. Windows 1809 or later with local admin access
  6. Windows 10 SDK with SignTool.exe
  7. Clean Windows 1809 or later reference device without any previous installations of the MSI packages which are getting converted to MSIX
  8. The user should have access to MSI Package Source location and MSIX package SAVE location
  9. Enable sideloading of Windows apps on Windows 10 device


Step by Step guide to test MSI to MSIX package conversion process –

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