SCCM Admin Console Walkthrough Video Guide

Device Management training videos to start learning SCCM device management technology. SCCM is managing more than 70% corporate Windows PCs in the world. I call this series of video posts as SCCM Educational post series. I would love to cover the basic things of SCCM in this series of posts. In case you are a newbie to SCCM Admin Console then this is the helpful guidelines for you.

The Above video explains the details of SCCM Admin Console nodes. SCCM console buttons will give you an overall idea about UI capabilities. This post will help to learn and understand SCCM in a better way. I always think about a teaching technique which starts from the SCCM console. Do you think it would be ok to start SCCM learning with SCCM console overview?

SCCM Admin Console – More Details

SCCM console gives admin access to manage and monitor all the policies, applications, OD deployments, etc.. for the devices you manage with SCCM. Administrators use the SCCM Admin console to manage the SCCM environment. Each SCCM console can connect to a CAS or a primary site. You can’t connect an SCCM console to a secondary site.

An SCCM admin sees objects in the console based on the permissions assigned to their user account. For more information about role-based administration, see Fundamentals of role-based administration.

When you install the site server, you can install the SCCM Admin console at the same time. To install the console separate from site server installation, run the standalone installer. You can run the console from Windows 10 machines and manage the devices which you want to manage. You can install the SCCM console by using the standalone installer.

If you like to read more about this in a documentation format, I would recommend reading my previous post from the following link


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