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I covered end to end process to provision Windows 10 devices with Windows AutoPilot service with Intune.  I already have four to five posts to explain different scenarios in Windows Autopilot. In this WIndows Autopilot Video Guide, you can see the overall process to provision Autopilot devices.

  • How to start testing Windows Autopilot
  • Prerequisites for Windows Autopilot
  •  How to build a Lab environment for testing
  • How to take a trial version of Intune and Azure AD
  • How to user Hyper-v to test

1 What is Windows Autopilot?

Windows Autopilot is a collection of technology used to provide modern provisioning experience to end users. Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to simplify the Windows 10 OOBE experience.

Windows Autopilot is also a group technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. In addition, you can use Windows Autopilot to reset, repurpose and recover devices. This is what I explained in the WIndows Autopilot Video Guide above.

More details available –

2 What is Repurposing Existing Devices into Windows Autopilot?

How to repurpose existing Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices in your environment to Autopilot. So that your business can avoid the cost of managing the golden images and OSD infra. And also Autopilot gives better end-user experience if you are connected an open internet. I have seen Autopilot giving problems and end-user experience going for a toss because of enterprise Firewall and proxy issues.

All the details about repurposing existing devices are also given in the following posts and the video guide tutorial.

3 Previous Posts on WIndows Autopilot – WIndows Autopilot Video Guide above.

I have spent several time testing and deploying Autopilot in my lab environment. I also have more than four posts to help you with Autopilot implementation.

I presented a session on Windows Autopilot at Bangalore IT Pro event. I covered end to end process to provision Windows 10 devices via Windows AutoPilot service with Intune. It was great to have feedback from fellow IT Pros on modern management and Windows AutoPilot topics. This is what I explained in the WIndows Autopilot Video Guide above.

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