How to Change Screen Brightness in Windows 11

Let’s learn how to change Screen Brightness in Windows 11. If you are spending a lot of time around your device, you need to know the best option to change the Windows 11 screen brightness. Your brightness level constantly changes based on the lighting conditions to provide the best experience while using PCs. Adjusting the display brightness improve visibility, save energy specially when you’re on battery mode, as well helps the user to avoid eye strain.

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If your laptop or desktop is situated near a window or outdoor, you might need to adjust the display’s brightness throughout the day according to the brightness of your surroundings. With new improvements, If a person adjusts their display brightness, that brightness will now be remembered as their preferred brightness whether they are on battery or connected to a charger. 

This new behavior results in a more consistent and battery friendly experience. This does not affect battery saver mode settings; if a person has opted into lowering the screen brightness in battery saver mode, their display will still dim when the battery is below the threshold selected. Here you can also explore the best option to change the Windows 11 system-wide theme How to Turn On Dark Mode System Wide | Easy Method | Color Options


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