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Let’s explore Windows 11 Accessibility Features. The new accessibility features include a redesign Accessibility menu which brings meaningful innovation to all people, whether you have a disability, a personal preference, or a unique work style and makes it easier to access the features.

Windows accessibility features are easier to find and use, Based on users feedback Microsoft introduced new features, and making users preferred assistive technology compatible with Windows 11. Rebranded Windows 10 Ease of Access Settings to Accessibility settings in Windows 11 and introduced a new accessibility “human” icon to make them easier to use.

Windows 11 offers familiar assistive technologies like Narrator, Magnifier, Closed Captions and Windows Speech Recognition to support users across the disability spectrum. It also supports assistive technologies created by our partners including popular screen readers, magnification programs, CART services, speech commanding and other experiences. This features are available in the out-of-box experience and on the Log on and Lock screens so that users can independently set up and use their devices.

According to Microsoft, Here’s highlighted improvements for Windows 11 Accessibility Features

  • Windows 11 includes delightful Windows start-up and other sounds, including different sounds for more accessible Light and Dark Themes to allow users enjoy new sound schemes.
  • Deaf and hard of hearing, language learners, and people in noisy or in quiet environments can enjoy redesigned Closed Caption themes that are easier to read and customize.
  • Multiple users can enjoy Windows Voice Typing, which uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to recognize speech, transcribe and automatically punctuate text.
  • People with severe arthritis, repetitive stress injuries, cerebral palsy and other mobility related disabilities, learning differences including with severe spelling disabilities, language learners and people that prefer to write with their voice can all enjoy Voice Typing.

How to Open Windows 11 Accessibility Settings?

Let’s follow the below steps to explore Accessibility Features –

  • Click on the Start button, and then select Settings.

Press the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to directly open Windows Settings.

  • Click on Accessibility on the left side.
Windows 11 Accessibility Features
Windows 11 Accessibility Features

Under Accessibility, You will see all the lists of avaiable settings categorized. In Vision section It allows you perform the following actions –

  • Resize icons, adjust text size and color, customize the mouse cursor, and more—display and vision settings make it easy to personalize your viewing experience.
  • The screen-reading app, Narrator, offers simplified navigation and intelligent image description, making it easy to explore a page without missing a thing on the screen.
Windows 11 Accessibility Features
Windows 11 Accessibility Features

In Hearing section It allows you perform the following actions –

  • From mono audio to closed captioning—if you have difficulty hearing your computer, Windows 11 has a variety of settings and features that can help.
  • Use closed captions to read the words that are spoken in movies and television shows. And with Windows 11, you can adjust the color, size, and background transparency to fit your specific needs.
Windows 11 Accessibility Features
Windows 11 Accessibility Features

In Interaction section It allows you perform the following actions –

  • Whether you’re composing a document, an email, or surfing the web, dictation will convert your speech to text—so you can produce words without a keyboard. And with Windows Speech Recognition you can control your PC by voice alone.
  • The On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) allows you to type with a pointing device, such as a mouse, trackball or joystick. And for those with mobility limitations, learning disabilities, or cognitive impairment, the word completion and word prediction tools can be helpful
Windows 11 Accessibility Features
Windows 11 Accessibility Features

Let’s try out all the features and provide Microsoft team to your feedback to create better experiences. Windows 11 make it easy to share your thoughts and suggestions — just press the Windows logo key + F to launch the Feedback hub and share what’s top of mind.


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