Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser Spell Check is Not Working

You must remember that the current version (11th April 2019) of Microsoft Edge Chromium is NOT a production version. You might need to wait for the production release of Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. Until that time the spell check on Microsoft Edge Chromium won’t work.

More updated options on spell check are shared in the latest post. 4 Methods Enable Spellcheck In Microsoft Edge. We have shared Registry, Group Policy, Settings menu, and from Intune.

Updated on 8th May 2019 Spell Check is added to the latest version of Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary Build.

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My assumption is there will be more announcement related to Microsoft edge chromium based browser in upcoming Microsoft BUILD event.

Where is the Spell Check Option in Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser?

To enable or disable the spell check service in Microsoft Edge chromium, you need to go to SETTINGS – Search Bar – Type Spell Check.

  • Go to settings button of Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser.
  • Click on Languages tab.
  • At the bottom of Language settings page of Microsoft Edge Chromium browser, you can see an option to Enable or Disable Spell Checks of Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser Spell Check is Not Working – It’s not enabled for Preview versions.

Why is Spell Check NOT working in Microsoft Edge Chromium?

When Microsoft adopted the chromium into Microsoft Edge, they have disabled/replaced more than fifty(50) services. More details about these feature changes in the following video.

So, the spell check is one of the services replaced and disabled by Microsoft in Edge Chromium browser. But, I’m sure Microsoft will integrate their spell check service to Microsoft Edge Chromium soon.


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