New Microsoft App Store | Upload Raw EXE MSI Applications reported that Microsoft is planning to release a New Microsoft App Store the redesigned version of the Microsoft Store. Microsoft will allow developers to submit raw .EXE, or .MSI packages to the Store. Microsoft is going to allow developers to host the app and push out updates via their own CDN. We will have to wait and see what are changes this is going to bring in for SCCM and Intune world.

We think this will be a game-changer in Windows 10 world and the new Windows ‘Sun Valley world, as per Zac Bowden report. The new Store will continue to be a UWP. Also, Zak reports that Microsoft is planning to allow developers to use their own in-app revenue streams. This means bypassing Microsoft’s own commerce platform. Also, it seems Microsoft will not take a cut from app developers. This is great news for developers. So Windows is becoming more exciting again:)

New Microsoft App Store
New Microsoft App Store


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