Download SCCM 1902 Baseline Version Free

SCCM 1902 is available as an in-console update. SCCM 1902 is also a baseline version. You can download SCCM 1902 from VLSC or Eval Center as 1902 is a baseline version. You can install a new SCCM primary server or CAS site to build a new infra with SCCM 1902 baseline media.

Microsoft released the eval version of SCCM 1902 yesterday as per the tweet from Eswar Koneti.

Download from VLSC Portal (Not Released Yet)

Download from Evaluation Portal (Released).

How to Download SCCM 1902 Production Version?

You can download the eval version from Microsoft Eval center. You don’t have to login to eval center to download. You just need to fill out a form and download SCCM 1902 production version free.

You can use the SCCM 1902 production version with full functionality for 180 days without paying anything to Microsoft.

NOTE! – You can download & install SCCM 1902 baseline eval version. But, the fact is that SCCM 1902 media content in VLSC and Eval center is the same.

What is SCCM Baseline Media?

With new 1902 baseline version of SCCM, you can avoid installing an outdated version of SCCM (e.g 1802, 1710, etc..) followed by an additional in console update upgrade of your infrastructure to bring it up to date.

SCCM 1902 Baseline media can be used for following scenarios:

  • New SCCM CAS Server Installation
  • New Primary Site in a New SCCM hierarchy
  • Migration from SCCM 2012 scenarios
Scenarios(Download SCCM 1902)Baseline VersionIn-console UpdateCD.Latest Folder
New CAS Server        Yes        No        No
New-Site-NEW-Hierarchy        Yes        No        No
Migration from SCCM 2012        Yes        No        No
New-Site-Existing-Hierarchy        No        No        Yes
Restore Site        No        No        Yes
Upgrade Existing Hierarchy        No        Yes        No

SCCM 1902 is Available in VLSC?

As per the tweet from David James, the SCCM 1902 download is available in VLSC after 2 weeks. Download SCCM 1902 from VLSC (VLSC Portal ).

Upgrade SCCM Eval Version to Full Version

You can upgrade SCCM evaluation version to full version by entering the proper license key. Read more details about SCCM eval to full version upgrade from here.

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