Top 5 Awesome New Features of SCCM 1903

In this video post, you can uncut video of SCCM 1903 live upgrade demo and walk through of SCCM 1903 new features.

I spend almost 2 hours via Facebook Live (see the below section – it’s more clear video and live interaction with audience through chat) and YouTube Live to share the SCCM 1903 upgrade experience with SCCM Community.

SCCM 1903 Step by Step Upgrade Guide

Microsoft recently released SCCM Technical Preview version 1902. I shared the upgrade of SCCM 1903 upgrade live with SCCM community. And tries to answer the questions related to:

Recording of SCCM free training video is available in YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

SCCM 1903 New Features Walk Through

Microsoft SCCM Product Group introduced Five (5) exciting new features with SCCM 1903 technical preview version.

  • Cloud services cost estimator
  • Use SCCM DP as a local cache server for Windows DO (Delivery Optimization)
  • Reclaim lock(SEDO) for editing SCCM Task Sequences
  • Drill through required updates
  • Improvement to SCCM Task Sequence media creation

SCCM Cloud Services Cost Estimator

In the SCCM console, you can navigate to the Monitoring workspace, and select the Cloud Management node. You would be able to see the Cloud Services Usage Estimation tool. This is one of the exciting SCCM 1903 new features.

The SCCM Cloud Sevices Usage Estimation tool is helpful to analyse the cost of your Azure subscription. The tool can be adjusted with the following variable values:

  • Clients enabled for client services
  • Client data consumption (per client/month)

The SCCM Cloud Sevices Usage Estimation tool shall provide the following output based on your above inputs on client servives and data consumption:

  • Total monthly cost estimate
  • Monthly cost per device

I would recommend reading the Microsoft documentation to have more details about SCCM Cloud Sevices Usage Estimation tool. ( The coolest
SCCM 1903 new features)

SCCM DP Windows DO (Delivery Optimization) Cache Server

Microsoft released another awesome feature to help modern Windows 10 management with peer to peer client cache solution. Now, you can use SCCM DP as Windows Delivery Optimization Cache Server.

I would recommend reading the following post Using Delivery Optimization In-Network Cache (DOINC) in SCCM TP 1903 by Johan Arwidmark. This post shall provide you in depth analysis of DO Cache Server and SCCM DP integration details.

Reclaim lock (SEDO) for editing SCCM Task Sequences

With SCCM 1903 or later, you can clear your lock on a task sequence. You don’t have to wait for 30 minutes to get this unlocked after the SCCM console crash.

If the SCCM console stops responding, you can be locked out of making further changes until the lock expires after 30 minutes. This lock is part of the SCCM SEDO (Serialized Editing of Distributed Objects) system. Another interesting SCCM 1903 new features.

I would recommend reading the Microsoft documentation to get more details on SEDO Task Sequence topic.

Drill through Required Updates

SCCM 1903 version comes with more granular drill through compliance statistics dashboard options. This drill down idea was one of the User voice item.

This drill down options will help to see which devices require a specific software update. To view the device list, you need permission to view updates and the collections the devices belong to.

Panu Saukko did a Tweet about new SCCM drill down software update compliance feature. The following picture is taken from his tweet. Thanks to Panu for the details of SCCM 1903 new features.

SCCM Task Sequence Media Creation

SCCM 1903 added ability to not include Autorun.inf when you build SCCM OSD Task Sequence boot media. This media creation update was also an idea from SCCM User voice item.

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Facebook Live Video – SCCM 1903 Upgrade & New Features Walk Through

You can watch the SCCM 1903 Preview version Upgrade Video Facebook live video published in my Facebook page “How to Manage Devices“.

Another interesting SCCM 1903 new features are discussed in the following SCCM 1903 upgrade video.


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