SCCM 1902.2 Top 4 Features

In this quick video post, you will learn some details about the SCCM 1902.2 preview version. Mainly, you will get the information on the version numbers of SCCM client, Console, etc. Some a video walkthrough of SCCM 1902.2 features or new capabilities.

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SCCM 1902.2 Version Numbers

  • 1902.2 Console Version 5.1902.1081.1100
  • Site Full Version and Client Version 5.00.8787.1000
  • Build Version 8787

More details about the SCCM Version numbers from the previous posts:

My Top 4 Features of SCCM 1902.2

Office 365 Analytics Capabilities

SCCM 1902.2 is offering more analytics capabilities for Office 365 via SCCM hardware inventory. You can’t eliminate the need of Office 365 Readiness tool with these analytic capabilities.

In the future of SCCM, there could be possible that you will get richer readiness information about Office 365. But it’s not for now and this SCCM 1902.2 version.

Enhanced HTTP – Per SCCM Primary Site

This SCCM 1902.2 capability is great! Enhanced HTTP is not a global setting which you need to enable from SCCM CAS server.

You can enable the Enhanced HTTP capability for one primary server out of many primary servers in your SCCM hierarchy.

SCCM Enhanced HTTP is required or helpful for two new features:

Additional languages for Office 365 updates

Additional language support is nice for SCCM admins who are struggling with Office 365 language specific updates.

The update workflow now separates the 38 languages for Windows Update from the 103 languages for Office 365 Client Update.

Improved Phased Deployment Success Criteria

SCCM Phased deployment is a nice feature, and I have seen continuous improvements in Phased Deployment workload. SCCM 1902(.2) comes with another exciting development to “specify a number.”

Specify additional criteria for the success of a phase in a phased deployment. The criteria can now also be the number of devices successfully deployed.
A number between 1 and 100,000.


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