SCCM 1902 Preview 7 New Features – Console Connections Node

SCCM 1902 production version is nearing the release date. I hope the feature list of 1902 production version has been finalized. It seems most of the new features released in SCCM 1902 preview version will be available in the production version of SCCM 1902.

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SCCM 1902 Version Details

Microsoft released 1902 preview is released on 8th Feb 2019. I have upgraded the LAB version from SCCM 1901 to 1902.

  • SCCM 1902 (Preview) Client Version 5.00.8782.1000
  • SCCM 1902 (Preview) Full Site Version 5.00.8782.1000
  • SCCM 1902 (Preview) Console version 5.1902.1073.1000

SCCM 1902 Preview New Features

The most exciting feature for me changes in the toast notification. I have seen many occasions, and end users missed the notification mainly because of the small size of the notification window. Also, SCCM Console Connection Node is nice addition to the SCCM 1902 preview version.

Toast Notification to Dialog Windows Notification

There are two (2) changes in SCCM toast notifications:

  • Software Changes Toast Notification => Software Center Dialog Window for Software Changes
  • Restart Required Toast Notification =>Software Center Dialog Windows for Restart required

SCCM Task Sequence – Progress Status during Windows 10 in-place upgrade

There is a new change in the SCCM 1902 preview will build that will help IT admins and end users to check the status of the Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence.

SCCM New Compliance Setting Policy for Redirect Windows known folders to OneDrive

The new compliance policy to redirect Windows known folders to OneDrive is helpful in many Windows 10 migration scenarios. I hope, SCCM 1902 product version release will have this feature, and it will help IT Admins to reduce some pains of Windows 10 migration.

SCCM Remote Control Viewer – First Screen Only Option

SCCM Remote control is one of the features widely used within the organization. This remote control feature is used mainly by helpdesk and a support team to help end users. SCCM 1902 preview version details below.

SCCM remote control with multiple monitors is always a challenge. As the options are limited to see all monitors and if your end user has more than one monitor, then the remote control view is very small. This issue is resolved in the SCCM 1902 preview version.

I hope, this UserVoice feedback, a remote tools operator, can now choose between seeing All screens or the First screen only, will reach production version of SCCM 1902 as well.

SCCM Console Connections Node

SCCM 1902 preview version comes with another useful addition and that is SCCM console connections node.

  • Navigate via Administration -> Security -> Console Connections
  • You will able able to see how many consoles are connected to SCCM site (I don’t single or mutiple SMS provider/s?)
  • How many versions of SCCM console versions are used to connect to the site from Console Connections Node

SCCM CMG (Cloud Management Gateway) is Boundary Group Aware

Now you can assign an SCCM CMG to a specific boundary group. The SCCM CMG affinity was one of the most significant challenges similar to the SCCM MP rotation issue (back in SCCM 2012). Microsoft helped to redesign the SCCM CMG affinity issue by bringing boundary group awareness to SCCM 1902.

Rob York shared the following diagram to make you aware of new SCCM CMG boundary group awareness options in SCCM 1902 preview version.

This SCCM CMG affinity is the must in feature for SCCM 1902 production version.

Software Center List View and Tiles View

In the new SCCM 1902 Preview version software center client policies, you will get more configurations with the “Default” tab. In the default tab, you would be able to select what would be the default view for end users. You can choose either of the below options from the drop-down menu.

  • All Apps
  • Required Apps

Also, SCCM admins can decide between tiles and list view of applications in the software center. I love the list view when you have more than 10-15 applications in the software center.


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