SCCM Client Versions Production and Preview Releases

In this post, you will see the details of SCCM client version numbers of SCCM CB production releases. I have covered all the client versions from SCCM CB 1511 release till date.

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I’ll try to keep the list of SCCM client versions up-to-date. Let me know if you know some client versions mentioned in the below table are incorrect or wrong.

List of Production SCCM Client Version

The following table will give you the details of SCCM client version.

SCCM Release Version SCCM Client Version DetailsDescription & SCCM What’s New Links
SCCM 1902 5.00.8790. 1025SCCM 1902 KB4500571
SCCM 19025.00.8790.1007SCCM 1902 Video Guide
SCCM 1810 5.00.8740.1042 SCCM 1810 Rollup Update 2
SCCM 1810 5.00.8740.1012 /
SCCM CB 1810 – KB4486457
SCCM CB 1810 5.00.8740.1012Slow Ring What’s New in SCCM CB 1810
SCCM CB 1810 5.00.8740.1004First Wave Update – SCCM CB 1810 – KB4477084
SCCM CB 1810 5.00.8740.1003Fast Ring – What’s New in SCCM CB 1810
SCCM CB 1806 5.00.8692.1509SCCM CB 1806 – KB4462978
SCCM CB 1806 5.00.8692.1505SCCM CB 1806 – KB4465865
SCCM CB 1806 5.00.8692.1010SCCM CB 1806 – KB4459354
SCCM CB 1806 5.00.8692.1008/5.00.8692.1009SCCM CB 1806 – KB4346645
SCCM CB 1806 5.00.8692.1007Slow Ring SCCM CB 1806
SCCM CB 1806 5.00.8692.1003Fast Ring – What’s new in SCCM CB 1806
SCCM CB 1802 5.0.8634.1815SCCM CB 1802 – KB4342419
SCCM CB 1802 5.00.8634.1014SCCM CB 1802 – KB4339794
SCCM CB 1802 5.00.8634.1013SCCM CB 1802 – KB4163547
SCCM CB 1802 5.00.8634.1013SCCM CB 1802 – KB4132447
SCCM CB 1802 5.00.8634.1010/5.00.8634.1011Baseline Version SCCM CB 1802
SCCM CB 1802 5.00.8634.1009?KB4295281 – SCCM CB 1802 – KB4295281
SCCM CB 1802 5.00.8634.1007Fast Ring – What’s New in SCCM CB 1802
SCCM CB 1710 5.00.8577.1115SCCM CB 1710 – KB4086143
SCCM CB 1710 5.00.8577.1111SCCM CB 1710 – KB4088970
SCCM CB 1710 5.00.8577.1108SCCM CB 1710 – KB4057517
SCCM CB 1710 5.00.8577.1000What’s New in SCCM CB 1710
SCCM CB 1706 5.00.8540.1611SCCM CB 1706 – KB4042949
SCCM CB 1706 5.00.8540.1007SCCM CB 1706 – KB4039380
SCCM CB 1706 5.00.8540.1005SCCM CB 1706 – KB4039380
SCCM CB 1706 5.00.8540.1000What’s New in SCCM CB 1706
SCCM CB 1702 5.00.8498.1711SCCM CB 1702 KB4019926
SCCM CB 1702 5.00.8498.1008SCCM CB 1702 KB4018732
SCCM CB 1702  5.00.8498.1000/5.00.8498.1007What’s New in SCCM CB 1702
SCCM CB 1610 5.00.8458.1526?SCCM CB 1610 KB4016483
SCCM CB 1610 5.00.8458.1520SCCM CB 1610 KB4010155
SCCM CB 1610 5.00.8458.1009SCCM CB 1610 KB3214042
SCCM CB 1610 5.00.8458.1007SCCM CB 1610 KB3209501
SCCM CB 1610 5.00.8458.1000What’s New in SCCM CB 1610
SCCM CB 1606 NA?SCCM CB 1606 KB3202796
SCCM CB 1606 NA?SCCM CB 1606 KB3192616
SCCM CB 1606 5.00.8412.1307SCCM CB 1606 KB3186654
SCCM CB 1606 5.00.8412.1205SCCM CB 1606 KB3184153
SCCM CB 1606 5.00.8412.1204/5.0.8412.1207SCCM CB 1606 KB3180992
SCCM CB 1606 5.00.8412.1000/5.00.8412.1006What’s New in SCCM CB 1606
SCCM CB 1602 5.00.8355.1307SCCM CB 1602 KB3174008
SCCM CB 1602 5.00.8355.1306SCCM CB 1602 KB3155482
SCCM CB 16025.00.8355.1000What’s new in SCCM CB 1602
SCCM CB 1511 NA?SCCM CB 1511 KB3163344
SCCM CB 1511 5.00.8325.1110SCCM CB 1511 KB3122677
SCCM CB 1511 5.00.8325.1104SCCM CB 1511 KB3118485
SCCM CB 15115.00.8325.1000What’s new in SCCM CB 1511

How to Check the SCCM Client Version Number?

The best way is to check the SCCM client version from the SCCM client machine itself. Follow the steps:

  • Go to Control Panel and Search for “Configuration Manager” applet
  • Double click on Configuration Manager applet
  • In the General Tab, you would be able to see the SCCM client version number

SCCM Client Version from SCCM Console?

Another option is to check the SCCM client version from SCCM console, assets and compliance – Devices or from a particular collection.

Production Client Version on SCCM Site?

You can also check the latest SCCM client version number from the SCCM console:

  • SCCM console -> Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites
  • Select the primary site server and click on Hierarchy settings 
  • Click on Client Upgrade tab
  • Check the production SCCM client version

SCCM Client Version Details for SCCM Technical Preview

SCCM Client Version NumbersWhat’s New of SCCM Technical Preview Version Document
5.00.8842.1001 SCCM 1906 Technical Preview
5.00.8827.1000SCCM 1905 Technical Preview
5.00.8817.1000SCCM 1904 Technical Preview
5.00.8800.1000SCCM 1903 Technical Preview
5.00.8787.1000 What’s New in SCCM 1902.2 Preview
5.00.8782.1000 SCCM Client Version of 1902 Preview
5.00.8772.1000SCCM Client Version of 1901
5.00.8756.1000SCCM Client Version of 1812
5.00.8748.1000SCCM Client version of 1811
5.00.8735.1000SCCM Client version of 1810.2
5.00.8729.1000SCCM Client Version of 1810
5.00.8717.1000SCCM Client Version of 1809
5.00.8707.1000SCCM Client Version of 1808
5.00.8700.1000SCCM Client Version of 1807
5.00.8685.1000What’s New in SCCM Client Version of 1806.2
5.00.8692.1000What’s New in SCCM Client Version of 1806
5.00.8659.1000What’s New in SCCM Client Version of 1805
5.00.8648.1000What’s New in SCCM Client Version of 1804
5.00.8636.1000What’s New in SCCM Client Version of 1803
5.00.8627.1000What’s SCCM 1802
5.00.8611.1000What’s SCCM 1801
5.00.8595.1000What’s SCCM 1712
5.00.8582.1000What’s SCCM 1711
5.00.8570.1000What’s SCCM 1710
5.00.8559.1000What’s SCCM 1709
5.00.8542.1000What’s New in SCCM 1708
5.00.8549.1000What’s SCCM 1707
5.008533.1000What’s SCCM 1706
5.00.8525.1000What’s SCCM 1705
5.00.8514.1000What’s SCCM 1704
5.00.8506.1000What’s SCCM 1703
5.00.8496.1000What’s SCCM 1702
5.00.8482.1000What’s SCCM 1701
5.00.8465.1000What’s SCCM 1612
5.00.8471.1000What’s SCCM 1611
5.00.8455.1000What’s SCCM 1610
5.00.8445.1000What’s SCCM 1609
5.00.8433.1000What’s SCCM 1608
5.00.8426.1000What’s SCCM 1607
5.00.8410.1000What’s SCCM 1606
5.00.8396.1000What’s SCCM 1605
5.00.8385.1000What’s SCCM 1604
5.00.8372.1000What’s SCCM 1603
5.00.8360.1000What’s SCCM 1602
5.00.8347.1000What’s SCCM 1601
5.00.8336.1000What’s SCCM 1512
5.00.8325.1000What’s SCCM 1511
5.00.8315.1000What’s SCCM 1510
5.00.8299.1000What’s SCCM 1509
5.00.8287.1000What’s SCCM TP V3
5.00.8271.1000What’s SCCM TP V2
5.00.8239.1000What’s SCCM TP V1


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