What is New in SCCM 1810 New Features Video Tutorial

Microsoft released SCCM 1810 version in the fast ring (opt-in). I have published a couple of posts and videos about SCCM 1810 upgrade. I would recommend reading those posts to get more details about the upgrade process. In this video post, I will give you a walkthrough experience of SCCM 1810 New Features (What is New in SCCM 1810).

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List of SCCM 1810 New Features

The following features are identified and explained in the video blog above. I would recommend going through the resources section as well to get more details about SCCM 1810 new features (What is New in SCCM 1810).

  1. Improvements to collection evaluation
  2. SCCM administrator authentication
  3. The Management insights rule for peer cache source client version
  4. Improvements to internet-based client setup
  5. Convert applications to MSIX
  6. Changes to client notification action to wake up a device
  7. Improvement to the client installation
  8. Required app compliance policy for co-managed devices
  9. Improvement to co-management dashboard
  10. New boundary group options
  11. Site system on Windows cluster node
  12. Logging Improvements to CMPivot
  13. Improvements to scripts
  14. New client notification action to wake up the device
  15. Task sequence support for boundary groups
  16. Management insights dashboard
  17. In-console documentation dashboard (Not Released in this SCCM 1810 new features)
  18. Improvements to driver maintenance (Model details)
  19. Task sequence support of Windows Autopilot for existing devices (Out of box Support)
  20. Improvements to CMPivot (80KB or above in msg size)
  21. Improvement to lifecycle dashboard
  22. Improvement to the data warehouse
  23. Improvement of maintenance windows for software updates
  24. Phased deployment of software updates
  25. Improvement to repair applications
  26. Community Hub (Not Released in this SCCM 1810 new features)
  27. Specify the drive for offline OS image servicing  (Not Released in this SCCM 1810 new features – I couldn’t confirm this)
  28. Co-managed device sync activity from Intune
  29. Repair SCCM applications
  30. Approve application requests via email
  31. Improvement to script output
  32. Improvement of third-party software updates

Resource (SCCM 1810 New Features)

  1. SCCM ConfigMgr 1810 Upgrade #Video Guide
  2. SCCM 1810 Upgrade Step by Step Walkthrough Guide
  3. SCCM 1810 What is New -> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/changes/whats-new-in-version-1810
  4. Windows 10 Support as SCCM Client – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/configs/support-for-windows-10
  5. Windows 10 ADK Support for SCCM 1810? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/configs/support-for-windows-10#windows-10-adk

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