Fix SCCM Updates and Servicing Issue with CMUpdateReset Tool

CMUpdateReset.exe is in build Tool provided by Microsoft SCCM to fix download issue. In this video post, you will get more details about how to SCCM updates and Servicing issue.  You can find the CM Update Reset tool in the following folder \cd.latest\SMSSETUP\TOOLS.

Run the CMUpdateReset.exe tool from?

  1. CAS/SQL server
  2. standalone primary/SQL server

The SCCM download reset tool (CMUpdateReset.exe) must be run on the top-level site (CAS or standalone primary) of the hierarchy. When you run the tool, use CM Update Reset tool command-line parameters to specify:

    • The CAS/Primary SQL Server at the top-tier site of the hierarchy
    • The CAS/Primary site database name at the top-tier site
  • The GUID of the update package you want to reset

What are the SCCM Update Reset Options?

There are two options to fix SCCM Updates and Servicing Issue using the CMUpdateReset.exe tool.

  1. Reset an update and restart the download
  2. Force deletion of the problematic update package

What is Next SCCM Updates and Servicing issue is not Fixed?

What if CMUpdateReset.exe didn’t help to fix SCCM Updates and Servicing? The following are the steps to download SCCM updates. You can check this download status from SCCM monitoring workspace. More details in the log file ConfigMgrSetup.log.

  1. Process update package
  2. Download update package cab file
  3. Extract update package payload
  4. Download redist
  5. Report package as downloaded

SCCM Updates and Servicing Issue

Fix SCCM Updates and Servicing with REDIST Files?

You can fix the issue with downloading SCCM redist prerequisite files using the following method.

  • When you have an issue with downloading SCCM REDIST prerequisite files,  you can try to use the old method to download prerequisite files.
  • Once the prerequisite files are downloaded with the old way, then you can copy those files to D:\Program Files \Microsoft Configuration Manager\EasySetupPayload\<Update PackageGUID >\Redist folder. This can be used a workaround.

All the above steps will ensure that you will fix the SCCM Updates and Servicing Issue.


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5 thoughts on “Fix SCCM Updates and Servicing Issue with CMUpdateReset Tool”

  1. Hi Anoop,

    I have installed latest hotfix kb4490575 on my SCCM 1810 branch, the installation shows successful but when i checked in “Show Status” it shows post check installation still in progress.

    I have checked all respective log files but nothing unusual found. Please let me know what we can do to fix this “Post Installation in progress issue”

    1) Hotfix shows installed successfully on both the level
    A) Monitoring – update and servicing status – select update package name “…1810 hotfix kb4490575” – show status (update pack installation status)
    B) Administration – update and servicing – Installed (status)
    2) Done multiple reboot and also note the previous hotfix kb4490434 installed successfully

    Fazal Shaikh

      1. Hi Anoop,

        Thanks for your reply 🙂

        I did’t get any option for SCCM console update after hotfix update completion.
        The SCCM console currently showing version is 5.1810.1075.2000 is this correct ?

        (Usually when we complete hotfix update and close console and next time when we open, it should ask console update but in my case of hotfix kb4490575 and kb4490434 it did not ask me to update console)

        I have raise this question because the problem is my SCCM clients not updating, after analysis found that the shared folder of client package NTFS permissions are not correct, it shows in accessible.

        Even if i change NTFS permission for client package folder and keep same parent folder permission it again getting changed to in accessible permission state.

        Fazal Shaikh

        1. Hi Anoop,


          The SCCM Client deployment issue solved after i have installed latest hotfix rollup KB4488598

          Fazal Shaikh

        2. Hi Anoop,


          The SCCM Client deployment issue solved after i have installed latest hotfix rollup KB4488598

          Fazal Shaikh

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