ConfigMgr SSRS Report Creation Process Explained by Kannan CS SQL Query Tips Tricks for Admins | Video

I have conducted a How To Manage Device Community Weekend Teams Live meeting session to share my real-world experience of ConfigMgr SSRS report creation. I have been helping many of my clients to build custom SCCM reports. The recording is available in this post is available in the below section of the post.

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Requirements of SSRS Report Creation


Graphs in SCCM SSRS Reports Creation

  • The report data to be presented in graphic view with data
  • The report to be clean and add charts if possible.
  • Microsoft proves it console-like Client Health & Office 365 Client Management
  • Add links between reports to the reader to move next report


  • How to create the ConfigMgr SSRS report
  • How to add the graph in the Report
  • Sample SCCM SSRS Reports creation
  • About SSRS Report subscription

Video Recording

SSRS Reports Creation – ConfigMgr SCCM
SSRS Report Creation SCCM ConfigMgr
SSRS Report Creation SCCM ConfigMgr


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