How to Move SCCM Server to New Hardware

This video post will give a step step guide to migrate SCCM server from old VM to new VM. Moving SCCM server from one hardware to another is common scenario in enterprise world. There could be several reason for this kind of SCCM server VM migrations. Server OS upgrade is one of the most common scenario.

How to Migrate SCCM Server to New Hardware?

Yes, SCCM CB 1606 and later versions supports in place upgrade of server OS. However I’ve seen that most of our server teams don’t want to perform in place OS upgrade.

There is another option to move hardware. SCCM 1806 onwards, SCCM primary server passive server options are available. Arnab explained this primary server passive  option feature with a detailed blog post.

Step by Step Video Guide to Perform SCCM Server Hardware Migration. This is the post which you want to refer before performing any kind of SCCM/ConfigMgr server migration. Follow the steps one by one and make sure your SCCM server hardware migration is hassle free !Migrate SCCM Server to New VMs

SCCM Server Migration Prerequisites

It’s very important to follow these steps when we need to perform migration or server hardware changes of your SCCM server (Migrate SCCM Server). I’m not covering SQL migration in this post. In this scenario, SQL is on remote box. If the SQL is on the same box then things will be bit more easy. I’ve divided the migration process into 5 phases:-

  1. Pre SCCM Migration Activities  (Migrate SCCM Server)
  2. Start of SCCM Migration Activities – Downtime starts from here
  3. SCCM Installation activities on new server
  4. SCCM/ConfigMgr Recovery/Restore activities
  5. Post SCCM/ConfigMgr Repair/Recovery activities

More details 2012 to SCCM CB Upgrade Unofficial Checklist here

SCCM Site-to-site communications (file-based and database replication) benefits from the proximity of being hosted in Azure. However, all client related traffic would be remote from site servers and site systems. If you use a fast and reliable network connection between Azure and your intranet with an unlimited data plan, hosting all your infrastructure in Azure is an option. Migrate SCCM Server to Azure VMs is also possible.


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