SCCM 1909 New Features Enhancements Extend Migrate SCCM To Azure

In this post we will see what the improvements and new features are available in this technical preview version of SCCM. Lets see the SCCM 1909 new features.

Latest SCCM Preview Baseline version download and install the latest preview baseline version SCCM 1907.

SCCM 1909 New Features
SCCM 1909 New Features

Extend Migrate SCCM To Azure

The ExtendMigrateToAzure.exe tool helps to Extend or Migrate SCCM infra to Azure. You can start the process by creating an SCCM passive server in your Azure tenant. This tool would be really helpful in the scenario if you want to move your SCCM infra to Azure.

Location of the tool – SCCM 1909 -> Cd.Latest\SMSSETUP\TOOLS\ExtendMigrateToAzure\ExtendMigrateToAzure.exe

 SCCM 1909 New Features  - Extend or Migrate SCCM to Azure
SCCM 1909 New Features – Extend or Migrate SCCM infra to Azure
SCCM 1909 New Features  - Azure Subscription and V next, Express Route
SCCM 1909 New Features – Azure Subscription and V next, Express Route

SCCM Orchestration Groups

SCCM Orchestration Groups are the evolution of Server groups. To make it more simple SCCM orchestration groups are the advanced version of server groups in SCCM to help with complex server patching scenarios.

I have a step by step guide which will help you to create Orchestration Groups in SCCM. More details

 SCCM 1909 New Features - Orchestration Group for Server Patching
SCCM 1909 New Features – Orchestration Group for Server Patching

The Task Sequence improvements in Language support

SCCM IPU Task Sequence with different Language options can be scripted with this feature available in SCCM 1909 version.

SCCM 1908.2 version provided us a feature to specify the default keyboard layout during OS deployment through the task sequence.

With 1909 version, within the task sequence you can change the following setting within Apply windows settings step based on different conditions.

  • Time zone
  • Input Locale
  • system locale
  • UI language
  • UI language fallback
  • User locale

Task sequence Download on demand Over the Internet

SCCM 1909 – A task sequence can now download content on demand when a client is connected via the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) and Cloud Distribution Point (CDP).

Windows Insider Pre-Release for Windows 10 1909

Windows Insider Pre-Release builds of Windows 10 1909 can now be managed as software updates in SCCM 1909 TP onwards.

  • Synchronize the new product category “Windows Insider Pre-Release” to have the new updates available for deployment.
  • Deploy an update to clients from the product category “Windows Insider Pre-Release“, available in the “All Windows 10 Updates” node under “Windows 10 Servicing.”

Bitlocker Management

This refresh includes BitLocker Management Help Desk and Self Service Portal websites as well as SQL Reports relevant to BitLocker Management.

Create the policy under Endpoint Protection
Deploy the policy to a device collection
Verify recovery key in database

New BitLocker Features – MBAM Integration

You can create and manage MBAM policies with SCCM and MBAM integration. More details

The following is the sample SCCM BitLocker policy which I created with SCCM 1909 technical preview version!

General Information
• Name: Test 1909
• Description:
Component Configuration: Client Management Component enabled
Component Configuration: Operating System Drive Component enabled
Setup Information
Choose a drive encryption and cipher strength: Enabled
Select the encryption method: AES 128-bit (default)
Choose a drive encryption and cipher strength: Not Configured
Operating System Drives:
Fixed Data Drives:
Removable Data Drives:
Client Management Information
Configure BitLocker Management Services: Enabled
Select BitLocker recovery information to store: Recovery password and key package
Enter client checking status frequency in (minutes): 90
Operating System Drive Information
Operating System Drive Encryption Settings: Enabled
Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM (requires a password): Allow
Select protector for operating system drive: TPM only
Configure minimum PIN length for startup: 4

What’s New CMPivot

  • Additional CMPivot Entities and Enhancements
    • Based on user-voice feedback we have added a number of new CMPivot entities and entity enhancements to aid in troubleshooting and hunting including entities to query Windows event logs (WinEvent), file content (FileContent), dlls loaded by processes (ProcessModule), hidden and system files (File), Azure Active Directory information (AADStatus), and endpoint protection status (EPStatus).

Resources – SCCM 1909 New Features

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