SCCM Task Sequence Search Options

SCCM 1907 or later technical preview comes with an exciting feature, and that is called SCCM Task Sequence Search. This SCCM TS search option is useful for many of the admins like me.

Latest SCCM Preview Baseline version download and install the latest preview baseline version SCCM 1907


SCCM task sequence search option is helpful in troubleshooting scenarios primarily. Also, SCCM TS search and filter options are also helpful in SCCM task sequence design and testing scenarios.

This Task Sequence search option is only available on SCCM 1907 Technical preview version or later. It’s not there SCCM 1906 Production version.


The SCCM task sequence search option is still under development. It seems some of the areas are bit rough. I feel this because I couldn’t get all search options working in SCCM 1907 build.

Yeah, maybe a lot of development work yet to be done. As you can see in the video in some scenarios, it’s not giving me the preferred search results which, ‘I’m looking for. But it’s an exciting feature, and I’m sure it will improve very much shorter time-frame.

I feel the SCCM 1910 version will have much more stable and feature-rich search options. SCCM Task Sequence filter options are a bit confusing for me. It worked ok, but many times it didn’t work. This could be because of my search text or something else, but I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong. It is an excellent and useful addition to SCCM and great work by Microsoft SCCM team.

How to Use SCCM Task Sequence Search?

Search options in SCCM Task Sequence can be found when you edit any task sequence.

  • Navigate via \Software Library\Overview\Operating Systems\Task Sequences and select the Task Sequence
  • Right click on the selected Task Sequence and select EDIT.
  • Start typing search text the information you want to search and press ENTER
  • Filter down the search options with OPTIONS filter.
    • Step name
    • Step type
    • Step description
    • Group name
    • Variable name
    • Conditions
    • Other content, for example, strings like variable values or command lines
SCCM task sequence Search Options
SCCM task sequence Search Options

Shortcut Keys for SCCM TS Search

Following are the shortcut commands you can use for search function inside the SCCM console.

  • CTRL + F: enter a search string
  • CTRL + O: select the search options to scope the results
  • F3 or Enter: step forward through the results
  • SHIFT + F3: step backwards through the results


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