Is SCCM Dead? Microsoft SCCM Intune Roadmap?

Common! I still get the same question. Is Intune going to take over SCCM? SCCM Dead? Check out the Video from the Brad Anderson Head of Microsoft Engineering teams of Microsoft Intune & Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager).

No! SCCM is not dead. How do we Define – Die? EOL = End of Life? Yes, SCCM will definitely have an End of Life, but even Microsoft doesn’t know when that is going to be! It’s all about the investment of resources and money! Microsoft is still able to make money with SCCM + Intune integration.

Is SCCM Dying?

Updated News

@djammmer – After hearing more incidents of customer confusion, or incorrect messaging from #SCCM competitors… thought it would be a good time to rebroadcast this quote… 17 seconds!

Introduction – SCCM Dead?

NO! SCCM is not dead! Microsoft is NOT planning to reduce investments in SCCM development. SCCM development team in Redmond is developing the product with much more passion to help the SCCM customers.

SCCM Intune Roadmap is Explained

Nice to hear (again & again) from Brad Anderson that SCCM is not dead 🙂 You can take this as an official announcement from Microsoft corporate VP!

This is what Brad Anderson said “What’s your level of investments in ConfigMgr these days ..there are more people working on SCCM team today than there have been in a decade



As explained in the above video, SCCM & Intune co-existence and Co-Management are the future!


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