Microsoft Intune is a modern device management and application management “SaaS” (Software as a Service) solution. With Intune you can manage iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Windows 10 management of Intune is straight forward and Windows 10 management is agent less management. What is agent-less management?

Windows 10 operating system has a build in MDM agent and Microsoft Intune is using that in build MDM agent to manage Windows 10 devices.

So there is no need to have a separate client agent like SCCM client for the management. Windows 1o MDM agent worked based on OMA-DM protocol unlike SCCM management.

Intune uses OMA-DM protocol to manage all types of devices similar to iOS, MacOS, Android, and Windows. OMA-DM is a light weight protocol which uses OMA DM protocol uses XML for data exchange.

Intune specifically uses the sub-set of XML called or defined by SyncML for the management of heterogeneous devices.