How to Rename Device in Intune a Quick Walk Through

In this post, you will learn to Rename Device in Intune. The Rename device action lets you rename a device that is enrolled in Intune from the MEM Admin Center. Intune gives admins the ability to remotely run device actions to rename the device.

You can use the following types of devices Supported Devices for Rename Device Action

  • Corporate-owned Windows devices
  • Corporate-owned co-managed devices that are Azure AD joined
  • iOS/iPadOS supervised devices with iOS 9.3 and later
  • Corporate-owned macOS 10 devices

Note – This feature doesn’t currently support renaming hybrid Azure AD Windows devices.

Rename Device in Intune

Let’s follow the below steps to rename the device from Intune Portal aka Endpoint Manager –

MEM Admin Center - All Devices
MEM Admin Center – All Devices
  • Under All devices, From the list of devices you manage, Select the device to get the renamed. For Example – we have selected Corporate-owned Windows device.
  • Here, Under device Click on 3 dots (…) on the right side and Click Rename device.
Rename Device in Intune
Rename Device in Intune
  • In the Rename device blade, type the new name in the text box. You can use letters, numbers, and hyphens. The name must contain at least one letter or hyphen.
  • If you want to restart the device after renaming it, choose Yes next to Restart after rename.
  • Choose Rename.

While proceeding to rename devices, Please follow the Device Rename Rules

Important – When renaming a Windows device, the new name must follow these rules

  1. 15 characters or less
  2. Allowed ASCII: Letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens, Names must not contain only numbers
  3. No spaces or special characters in the name
  4. Disallowed characters: { | } ~ [ \ ] ^ ‘ : ; < = > ? & @ ! ” # $ % ` ( ) + / , . _ *)

Tokens can be used to add device-specific values to the name –

  • Add {{serialnumber}} to add the device’s serial number to the name
  • Add {{rand:x}} to add a random string of numbers, where x equals the number of digits to add.
Macro DescriptionExampleGenerated Name
%RAND:<# of digits>Generates the specified number of random digits.Test%RAND:6%Test123456
%SERIAL%Generates the serial number derived from the device. If the serial number causes the new name to exceed the 15 character limit, the serial number will be truncated from the beginning of the sequence.Test-Device-%SERIAL%Test-Device-456
Rename Device in Intune
Rename Device in Intune

Once done, A notification will appear automatically in the top right-hand corner with the message Rename device to initiated, Restart initiated. You’ll see the action status Rename device pending.

Rename Device in Intune
Rename Device in Intune

To see the status, check the Overview page for the device. When the process is completed based on action, you will get an updated status under the Device actions status of the Rename device action.

Rename Device in Intune
Rename Device in Intune

Here you can see once the action is completed successfully, the status is showing complete.

Rename Device in Intune
Rename Device in Intune

Verify Name Change

Once the device action run to the selected device, You will be able to see that the device will be renamed upon the next restart. There will be no notification to the end-user if rename operation is pending and need a restart.

Note – If you do not request to restart after the rename operation, the end-user will have to initiate the restart manually.

You can also force to restart the device immediately after the renaming operation. The device name will take effect the next time the device checks in to Intune.


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