Troubleshoot Intune Deployments – Applications Policies Profiles Intune Issues

Troubleshooting Intune deployments are challenging for new admins in device management world. The above video will help you to troubleshoot Intune deployment issues.

Phases of Intune Troubleshooting

There are FOUR (4) phases in Intune Deployment Troubleshooting. All these four steps are explained in this videos. You can find more details below.

  • Server/Cloud Console Side – Intune Health check
  • Server/Cloud Console Side – Intune Troubleshooting Blade
  • Server/Cloud Console Side – Deep dive into Intune App Deployment Troubleshooting
  • Client Side (Device Side) – Troubleshooting Logs/Events etc

It was far more difficult to troubleshoot on Intune issues at the time of Silverlight console. But after migrating to Azure portal Intune troubleshooting became more easy.

How to Start Intune Troubleshooting

  • Login to Azure portal –
  • Navigate to Intune Blade
  • Click on Troubleshoot node
  • Click on Select User button
  • Search and select the user id which you want to troubleshoot
  • Click Select to start Intune troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting blade will give you all the details of selected user
  • Drill down each part of troubleshooting guide get into the root of the Intune issue

Troubleshoot Intune Issues

Most of us know how to start troubleshooting with Intune Silverlight console. Intune troubleshooting made easy after the migration to Azure portal. More details Troubleshooting on Windows 10 MDM issues are pretty new for most of us. The importance of MDM policies are getting increased day by day. In this blog post you will see tips to start MDM way of Windows 10 troubleshooting.

How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Event Logs

Windows 10 MDM Issues Troubleshooting using registry WMI and Event Logs. More detailed discussions are available in the following blog post –

Intune Error Codes Table

Intune error codes can find the details of Intune Apps, Intune Policies, and Intune compliance policies.  you’ll be able to review applications installation status and enrollment status for devices. Here’s a list of user details you can view for each user in the Troubleshooting portal:

  • User status
  • Group assignment
  • Application and policy Assignments
  • App protection Status
  • Compliance issues
  • Device status
  • Device details such as OS type and version


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