Weekly 1 Overview of Free Intune Training for Device Management Admins Powered by HTMD Community

We, How To Manage Devices, started free Intune training for device management admins Powered by HTMD Community. This post shall give you all an overview of the leaning of Week #1.

Basics of Intune

Intune Basics for SCCM Admins | Start Learning Intune with How to Manage Devices #HTMD #MSIntune. Intune and SCCM comparison discussion video recording!

Day #1 – Free Intune Training

  • 📌Trial Version of Intune
  • 📌Created Users
  • 📌Assigned Licenses
  • 📌Took EMS E5 Trial License

Day#2 – Free Intune Training

  • 📌Set MDM Authority
  • 📌MDM Auto Enrollment
  • 📌License Assignment
  • 📌Azure AD integration with Microsoft Intune
  • 📌Third-party MDM

Day #3 – Free Intune Training

  • 📌Azure AD Join Vs Azure AD Registration Vs Hybrid Azure AD
  • 📌Intune Portal Walkthrough
  • 📌What is New in Intune
  • 📌Intune Monthly or Weekly Updates
  • 📌Intune Features in Development
  • 📌Intune Case Studies
  • 📌Devices Node
  • 📌Different Platform – Windows, Android, iOS, macOS

Day #4 – Free Intune Training

  • 📌Intune Portal Walkthrough
  • 📌What are there Devices Blade – Configuration | Compliance Policies
  • 📌What are there Apps Blade – Application Management for iOS, Windows, Android
  • 📌What are there Application Protection Policies (MAM) – Windows protection, iOS app protection, Application Configuration policies
  • 📌What are there in Endpoint Security Blade – BitLocker | Azure ATP
  • 📌What are there in Users Blade •📌What are there in Groups blade
  • 📌What are there in Tenant Administration – Intune Roles, Scope Tags
  • 📌What are there in Troubleshooting Blade

Day #5 – Free Intune Training

  • 📌Unhealthy Alerts – Intune Service Degradation
  • 📌Azure AD Registration Demo via Manual MDM Enrollment
  • 📌Azure AD Join Device Demo + MDM Auto Enrollment
  • 📌Intune portal view of Azure AD Join and Azure AD Registration
  • 📌 Intune Device Cleanup Rules
  • 📌Question and Answers of Free Intune Training


Free Intune Course - Weekly Update Free Intune Training
Weekly Update Free Intune Training

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