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In this video post you are going to learn how to take backup of your Intune settings into a word file automatically. Thomas Kur as an excellent GitHub repository with PowerShell scripts to help you. Backup Intune Settings using the scripts.


Intune settings documentation is important in many scenarios. you need to make sure that you have properly documented the settings within in tune console. this would be helpful for knowledge transfer and change management scenarios wait in your organization.

Also, in some cases, Intune settings documentation can help you to recover from some of the manual or human error in the real world scenarios.

The following settings are covered in Intune backup script

  • Configuration Policies
  • Compliance Policies
  • Device Enrollment Restrictions
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Applications (Only Assigned)
  • Application Protection Policies
  • AutoPilot Configuration
  • Enrollment Page Configuration
  • Apple Push Certificate
  • Apple VPP
  • Device Categories
  • Exchange Connector
  • Application Configuration
  • PowerShell Scripts
  • ADMX backed Configuration Profiles


you can download the scripts to backup Intune settings from GitHub. check out the following link to have more details.


Before downloading the script you need to make sure that the scripts are not saved with some special characters from GitHub. When I first downloaded the script from GitHub, there were special characters in the script.

NOTE! – Big shout out to Oliver who helped me to properly download and save the script from GitHub without any special characters.

I had showed how to save the scripts from GitHub in the above video. please refer to that before downloading Intune setting backup script.

Backup Intune Settings - Download Script
Download Script

Backup Intune Settings – Execution

You need to make sure that you have installed two of the following PowerShell modules in your system before running the script. Those PowerShell modules (Backup Intune Settings) are:

  • Install-Module Microsoft.Graph.Intune
  • Install-Module PSWord

Run the following command to build the documentation on Intune Settings.

Install-Module IntuneDocumentation
Invoke-IntuneDocumentation -FullDocumentationPath c:\temp\IntuneDoc.docx
Backup Intune Settings - Script Running
Script Running


The result of the backup Intune settings script is the word files which has all the details you require.

Backup Intune Settings  - Word File with Intune Settings
Backup Intune Settings – Word File with Intune Settings


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