New Azure Intune Portal App for Windows Devices

I have noticed that there is a new Azure portal application for Windows devices. You can download the app from Microsoft trusted website. Yes, it’s exciting for me that I can use this new Azure Portal Application for Intune Device Management as well.

Download and Install Azure Portal Application

You can download the new Azure portal app from Microsoft’s official website

I got this piece of information from the walkingcat tweet. I downloaded the AzurePortalInstaller.exe from the Microsoft Azure site mentioned above and double click on it to install it.

I have explained the entire download and installation process of the new Azure Portal App is in the above video tutorial.

Details – Azure Intune Portal Application

I initially felt like a new Azure portal application is a PWA application based on chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. But, I could find any processes running in the background while the new Azure Portal application is running.

Azure Portal Application

Processes – Azure Portal Launcher Application

I have checked the processes running on Windows 10 1809 machine while Azure portal application is open. I could find three (3) processes with the same exe as you can see below.

  • Microsoft Azure Portal Launcher (MicrosoftAzurePortal.exe)
    • Microsoft Azure Portal EXE (MicrosoftAzurePortal.exe)
    • Sign in to Microsoft Azure (MicrosoftAzurePortal.exe)

Folder Location of Azure Portal Application

I found that the portal launcher application created specific folders in my user profiles as I showed in the above video. You can check the details of the Azure Portal application folder details.

C:\Users\Anoop C Nair\AppData\Local\Microsoft\AzurePortal\Production\MicrosoftAzurePortal.exe

Version – Azure Application Portal Launcher Application

I think the version details you can get from the file called version inside the same folder as mentioned above.

Azure Portal App Launcher == v3.0.10

Known Issues

  • Azure portal App is challenging to close, and you need to close it from Windows task manager.
  • It won’t really work offline unlike other PWA apps 🙂
  • Not sure whether it will work for Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Previous versions of Windows 10? I tested with Windows 10 1809 and Microsoft Edge Chromium, Chrome, etc… installed device.
  1. Dipesh Patel says

    Thanks for the news. I got it downloaded. However I cant maximize, or move the screen. Its like its set to stay on top.
    Least to say its annoying that you cant even move it around since I have dual monitors. Dont see any benefits either of using the app against the website.

    1. Anoop C Nair says

      Yes I know I’ll add this to know issues … you can drag from the side .. it’s annoying I agree

  2. Rithwik says

    I am not able to login using Symantec VIP MFA.

  3. Martin says

    Is there an option to avoid single sign-on? It always signs in with the wrong account, can’t nothing do about it.

    1. Anoop C Nair says

      I normally use incognito mode or private browser mode to avoid this issue

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