HTMD12 SCCM Configuration Item Baseline Remediation Explained by Deepak Rai | ConfigMgr

I have explained in HTMD community weekend learning about Configuration Items of Windows 10 (SCCM Configuration Item Baseline) using Configuration Manager 2002. These CI & Baseline settings for Windows 10 computers that are managed by the Configuration Manager client.

AgendaSCCM Configuration Item Baseline

  • 👉Create custom configuration items and Baseline SCCM
  • 👉How to create child configuration items in the Configuration Manager SCCM
  • 👉Create configuration baselines in Configuration Manager SCCM
  • 👉How to deploy configuration baselines in Configuration Manager SCCM
SCCM Configuration Item Baseline – ConfigMgr 2002 Configuration Item Baseline

HTMD12 SCCM Confutation Item Baseline Explained by 👏Deepak Rai ✔Configuration ✔Remediation ConfigMgr

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SCCM Client Troubleshooting Advanced Level with Real-World Experience by Deepak

I have conducted a How to Manage Devices (HTMD) Community Teams meeting session (weekend learning) to share my real-world experience of SCCM Client Troubleshooting. The recording is available in this post is available in the below section of the post.

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Agenda – SCCM Client Troubleshooting

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You can download the presentation here.

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SCCM Client Troubleshooting
SCCM Client Troubleshooting